Predator Costume For Sale

Predator is a 1987 science fiction action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and directed by John McTieman. The Predator is a technologically advanced form of extraterrestrial life that hunts beings as trophies. The creature only kills those possessing weapons. Predators sharpen their killing skills by collecting warriors and dangerous beasts from other worlds and bringing them to the planet to hunt. Predators are extremely protective of their technology and will go to great lengths to prevent their technology from being stolen, even entertaining the idea of self destruction.

To take your place in the alien warrior tribe, you have to earn it. And there is no better way than be one of them in a Predator costume. This awesome Predator costume promises to scare off the most daring person on the planet. Worn by an adult only and the one-size-fits-all costume includes black and white jumpsuit, EVA chest piece and guards for the shoulder, arm, leg and thigh. The full body Predator costume also features the full body armor as worn by the Predator in the films. Transformation will be complete with the Predator hands made of latex and armor case that goes with the Predator costume. Accessories include a black necklace, a pair of latex hands and the infamous Predator mask. An assortment of predator masks for sale available. Boots not included.

Upgrade to the Deluxe edition of the mask and hands. Predator mask costume deluxe version of the mask features a mask within a mask – made from latex that has a Predator’s helmet covering his gruesome, crab-like visage with ugly looking dreadlock-like tendrils. Simply an incredible addition to the Predator costume! Lusting for more evil. The ultimate Predator 3/4 Adult Mask will definitely scare the living daylight out of anyone. This vinyl based mask features red eyes and molded gray life-like facial features, including a skeleton jaw!. The Deluxe version of the hands comes with amour-like black wrist accents and camouflaged spotted skin fingers complete with claw-like black nails

Another scary alternative is the Predalien Mask or “alien vs predator mask”. The Predalian mask is an Alien/Predator hybrid mask from the movies. It combines the exoskeletal head of the Alien with other aspects of the Predator. By itself, it is as scary as one can imagine. Truely horrifying and ideal for the Halloween.

Equipment & Weaponry

Predator Costume 2010 Teaser


The Predator’s mask has many features and serves many purpose. The mask is not only a helmet that protects the Predator’s head, it is also a respirator, a sound amplifier, a vision magnifier, a night goggle, a thermal sensor, an infrared tracking unit, a diagnostic device and a recording system. The mask houses advanced circuitry to control a targeting and tracking system that rests on the shoulder. The shoulder mounted plasma caster uses laser target designators (3 corner open triangle) to aim at the designated prey. It is equipped with zoom capabilities that aid in visual and estimating trajectory over long distances. The voice translator or recorder records and playback strips of audio that can be used to catch the prey off guard and to lure or distract them.

Predator Costume: Visual Modes

The mask provides the Predator 4 visual modes:
1. Regular vision (clear direct);
2. Thermal (spotting humans);
3. Electric / tech vision (red background and spotting xenomorphs) and;
4. Neuro / Predator vision (green background and spotting other Predators emotional status).

The Predator’s cloaking device is controlled via a wrist-controller and gives the Predator an active camouflage, i.e. bend light and creating a semi-transparent image in the front of the Predator. It is highly effective in dry terrain but render inoperable under whatever conditions.

Body Armor

The Predator’s body armor consists of a breastplate that covers till the midsection, gorgets, pauldrons, spaulders, tassets, greaves and foot armor. It is made from a very durable metal such as to stop bullets and delay corrosive effects of xenomorphs acidic blood.


The weapons are the Predator’s pride. The arsenal comprises of the:
1. Ceremonial dagger;
2. Combi stick (housing a telescopic spear);
3. Gauntlet plasma bolt;
4. Power glove (demolishing objects with pulsated kinetic energy);
5. Laser nets (targeting and tracking),
6. Sword;
7. Netgun (fires man-size nets);
8. Plasma caster (shoulder mounted energy weapon);
9. Predicomp (self-destruct device);
10. Chakram (bommerang discus with spikes);
11. Shuriken (melee weapon with retractable blades);
12. Solvent (blue corrosive chemical that dissolves organic material);
13. Spear gun (rifle that fires small bifurcated metal darts at high velocity);
14. Whip;
15. Wrist/arm blades (sharp blades retract from wristbands)

These various accessories can be purchased separately and contribute to making a more authentic Predator Costume.

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